Monday, October 28, 2013

A Welcome from My Ever-So-Ready Tastebuds


My name is Ariana and I am a student at one of the most culturally vibrant cities in the United States: Washington D.C. I have many passions in life, but truly, like the signs hanging in my school's cafeteria like to remind me: 
"There is no sincerer love than the love of food."
George Bernard Shaw actually said that, you know (who else had to Google George Bernard Shaw and why his opinion on food is so important? It's not). This quote holds very true for me: I simply love food, it is one of my greatest passions and joys that I look forward to every few hours. The thought of dinner excites me; picturing dessert gets me salivating. As human beings, I'm sure many of you share this basic and sincere love of a great meal. I love to relish delicious tastes and let them wash over my tongue; I always try to take a mental snapshot of this delicious meal that is about to fill my tummy.

I have this whole city available to me--no, in fact, the world is at the mercy of my tastebuds. I am going to start this blog about food and the restaurants/diners/cafe that serve it, even though my friends have always laughed at me when I tell waiters I keep a food blog in hopes of getting a free meal. AFTER I CLICK "PUBLISH" IT WILL BE A REALITY, FOLKS!

I eat out quite often; my plan is to review dishes and overall experiences of various eateries throughout the world, and hopefully get thrown a free dessert or two along the way. So, welcome to Ariana's Tastebuds Talk, where my trusty Tastebuds (when not burnt and abused by too much hot coffee) will do the talking. I hope you will find some use out of this blog! 

Bon App├ętit!!!